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Stratus- Trials Chardonnay 2020

Stratus- Trials Chardonnay 2020

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STRATUS vineyards  


Zero. Zero refers to a wine its most natural state. A wine that has nothing added and nothing taken out. In summary, no added yeasts no sulphates, no oak and no filtration. 

This traditionally made unfiltered Chardonnay, at a glance , has a golden orange hue that is reminiscent of sunshine despite it’s cloudy appearance brought on by the presence of lees. The aromas and flavours of Ontario apples are a subtle nod to the local terroir and are accompanied by compelling melon, Ginger and lemon grass notes. With a dry and energetic finish this wine is an excellent example of the unique Progressive winemaking techniques practice by Stratus.


Medium Bodied

13.9 %