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Cosmos is a blend of Northern Spy (66%) and skin contact Gewürztraminer (34%).

Apple varietals are just as layered as grapes, and Northern Spy shares a common florality with Gewürztraminer.

What's it like?: The aroma here is softly floral: blooms of elderflower, chamomile and rose bushes.

The flavour is complex: dandelion and warmed honeycomb, along with petrichor in a wildflower meadow.

Petrichor is the smell of rain evaporating. We've seen it in our beverages before, but this time it's like rain evaporating off a grove of forgotten elderflower bushes.

Tasting Cosmos is the feeling of discovering a precious pocket of the natural world, secret to all but the most adventurous of humans.

8.3% ABV | 750mL

Ingredients: Northern Spy apples, Gewürztraminer grapes. Gluten free.

Wild ferment, zero residual sugar, vegan.