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Anytime Tumbler
Anytime Tumbler

Anytime Tumbler

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The ANYtime glass was born in 2020, therefore it is the novelty of this year with the RCR brand: the linearity of the engraving frames the drinks and the anytime style adapts to any mise en place.

The ANY glasses are in Luxion RCR crystal and have a capacity of cl. 34.

It is a glass which, as the name suggests anytime, can be used on any occasion as cocktail glasses or whisky glasses or water glasses.

ANYtime is a crystal glass with these characteristics:
- High transparency. Ultraclear, high purity and transparency.
- Brilliant. Excellent long-lasting shine.
- Resistant. High resistance to breakage.
- Dishwasher safe. Does not dull even after many washes.
- Sound. Musical like the best crystal for a perfect tasting experience.
- Ecological. Totally eco-sustainable and 100% recyclable production.